HR policy

HR policy. Our HR policy is a perspective system of goals and aims based on basic values and aimed at long-term development. Keeping in mind our current HR policy, on June 23, 2010 the BoD approved the Program of Personnel Endorsement and Development for 2010-2014 (protocol #71 dd. 25.06.2010) that covers the following spheres:

  • Preservation of personnel potential: determination of a specific employee group that have a pivotal importance for the Company and perfection of motivation system and social programs, social partnership enhancement;
  • Replacement of personnel potential: elaboration and implementation of measures taken to rejuvenate personnel, especially workers in our production units;
  • Enhancement of personnel potential: arrangement of personnel reserve and development of training and retraining systems

Personnel structure

Changes in personnel structure and headcount mirror general trends of energy sector reforms. In 2010 we recruited staff due to active acceptance of grid objects into maintenance and exploitation.

Personnel availability level is 98%, staff turnover is stable and low for the last years.

As of 2010 our personnel structure consists of 19% senior and middle officers, 37% specialists and clerks and 44% workers. The breakdown has undergone no significant changes and is optimal at the time. At the same time, the share of workers dominates in the personnel structure due to technological processes requiring immense labor costs. Age structure demonstrates predominance of employees belonging to the categories of up to 35 years and 45-pensioners.

2008-2010 age structure dynamics shows a sustainable personnel rejuvenation. The share of employees up to 35 years grew by 4%. To retain the trend we regularly take various measures, including elaboration and implementation of schedules on the retirement of personnel with grounds for retirement and working pensioners, involvement of elderly professionals in teaching and implementation of new Regulations on Mentoring.

According to the Program of Personnel Endorsement and Development we expect the following measures to be taken to improve qualification features:

  • Preparation of 2010 education plan for each employee category, taking into account tactic and strategic corporate objectives;
  • Determination of the procedure for selecting and assigning young personnel to local education institutions based on the Regulations on Targeted Education of Personnel graduated from high and technical schools;
  • Enhancement of cooperation between the Company and education institutions;
  • Facilitation of mentor system.

Education structure generally features an equal proportion of employees graduating from high and technical schools. During the reported period we implemented the Regulations on Personnel Education in a new version that stipulates a successful and united approach to education for all structural subdivisions. The Company determined the following training lines:

  • On-site training for operational personnel;
  • Obligatory external training, including our corporate training center;
  • Additional educational programs for all personnel categories arranged on the initiative of department heads, HR departments and personnel itself.

Besides training at the corporate center, during the reported period our senior and middle officers as well as specialists and clerks were trained by educational institutions with licenses in energy industry, industrial, ecological and fire safety, labor protection (St. Petersburg, Ivanov and Kazan energy universities, UrFU, Perm State Technical University, etc.). Non-core staff is trained by various educational institutions of Ekaterinburg, Perm and Chelyabinsk, Moscow or St. Petersburg.

Targeted training of the personnel and students at high and technical schools as well as scholarship projects are integral and traditional components of personnel training.

Developing personnel reserve

Arrangement and evolution of personnel reserve is one of the most important HR directions. It is aimed at providing the Company with highly-skilled workers. The Program for Personnel Endorsement and Development determines as a top priority update and development of engineering and transmission personnel reserve (4 levels that depend upon occupied position).

In 2010 according to the Program there was a range of trainings for reserve candidates - 2-week energy efficiency courses in Germany as well as other trainings and core courses. As a result of such targeted involvement of middle and operating managers, 7 managers were appointed to Level 1 positions, including rotation in HQ and branch subdivisions.

Social policy

Our social policy is one of the most important spheres in our HR policy aimed at securing personnel social stability using various social programs. The key objectives of our social program are:

  • personnel and family care as well as veteran care;
  • creation of socially responsible corporate image with a view to attract and retain highly-skilled workers;
  • creation of favorable working atmosphere;
  • provision of decent living for our pensioners.

Our social program stipulates important social projects, their implementation and financial resources. It includes:

  1. Voluntary medical insurance.
  2. Personal accident and sickness insurance.
  3. Medical services at aid posts.
  4. Personnel treatment, including health resorts.
  5. Health-promotion campaign for children.
  6. Non-state pension coverage.
  7. Various events for personnel and their families.
  8. Veteran and youth care.
  9. Discounts, guarantees and compensations paid to the personnel as is stipulated by the Collective agreement.