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PDF Files

Annual Business Report 2010 PDF (3,8 MB)
Shareholder letter PDF (116 KB)
About us PDF (441 KB)
Our priorities PDF (364 KB)
Our results PDF (665 KB)
Finances PDF (425 KB)
Internal control and risk management PDF (116 KB)
Shareholders equity and securities PDF (555 KB)
Corporate Governance PDF (210 KB)
Social Responisibility PDF (516 KB)
Our contacts PDF (122 KB)
Abbreviations PDF (38 KB)
Appendices PDF (552 KB)

Excel Files

Accounting Statements XLS (45 KB)
Finances XLS (25 KB)
Investments XLS (21 KB)
Key Facts XLS (23 KB)
Market and Competition XLS (19 KB)
Network and Equipment XLS (12 KB)
Transmission and Connection XLS (24 KB)